Student Comments

Classes“He truly wants his students to learn and gain what he has to teach.”

“Excellent instructor! He has the gift of imparting knowledge and he expects the student to learn it and apply it. The technique works!”

“Bill has been the best inspiration to me as a massage therapist and teacher. Being able to use the knowledge learned in this class has been very beneficial to me both professionally and personally.”

“One of the best. Best of the Best!”

“Incredible knowledge, patience and explanations!! The Best I’ve ever had!”

“What can I say, Bill has taken teaching and learning to a new level. All teachers in my future better look out.”

“Cracks me up every time we are in class.”

“Mutual respect.” “He cares.”

“He is an incredible teacher – makes it so easy to understand.”

“This is the one class that has equipped me with the knowledge and practice that I needed to feel confident to practice massage with credibility as well as achieving effective results for clients. Good job!”

“Bill is passionate about getting his ideas across to us. He really cares.”

“Bill is an excellent instructor. I have learned more in this class than any other. I feel like my ability as an LMT is so much better.”

“Amazingly awesome; this is the stuff I have been waiting for all massage school.”

“Very engaging—information is 100% applicable. I was able to use it immediately.”

“Bill taught us information that was unknown to me and highly valuable – I am so glad to incorporate these modalities into my practice – my clients will love it!”